COVID-19 Controls in Gyms

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on the fitness industry, with gyms, and grassroots sports being cancelled for the best part of 3 months already. The industry is putting pressure on the government to consider how best to re-open safely, with some suggested measures including banning towels on the gym floor as well as the controls we have already seen in retail and business. Before re-opening all gyms, PT’s fitness centres and coaches must -

  • Carry out a risk assessment

  • Develop hygiene procedures

  • Stop people attending if they have symptoms

  • Manage 2-metre distancing where possible

  • Manage the risk of COVID-19 transmission

As you would expect the team at Saxon Safety have a wealth of experience in health and safety. They are accredited to supply risk assessment services and safety consultancy, but what you might not know is that all members of the team have been actively involved in sports coaching, playing sport, gyms or fitness classes.

From Judo coaching, Rugby coaching and playing, powerlifting, competing internationally as a junior, competing in a handful of strongman competitions, as well as taking part in boot camp style workouts and various fitness classes. We understand health and safety, and the fitness and coaching industry, and share the desire to get back to competitive sport, and back to the gyms, safely.

Consumer confidence is another crucial piece to the puzzle of how to open successfully. Risk assessments and having robust controls in place, and sharing this with your members and clients will demonstrate that you have been diligent in your duty of care. This will help your members and clients have the confidence to return, as well as applying for the UK Active Approved Safety Plan in Place accreditation, which Saxon Safety can help you achieve.

If you are reading this and feeling overwhelmed, or just want to get this right for your clients and members, get in touch with Saxon Safety today. We can help you identify proportionate controls through the risk assessment, source any additional equipment or signage you might need, help you to prepare briefing notes to staff and clients, and make sure you open as safely as possible.  

So far we have helped over 50 premises, across a range of industries, open safely.


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Saxon Safety are able to offer the following services to both existing and new clients -  ​​

►   Risk Assessment Support

►   Help to achieve UKActive Approved Safety Plan in Place Accreditation

►   Method Statement Support

►   COVID-19 Policy

►   COVID-19 Procedures

►   Site Layouts Including updating Fire Risk Assessment

►   Custom Signage

►   Information Updates for Members

►   Employee Consultation Support

  Contactless COVID-19 Pre-Work Questionaire

Every one of our clients has individual needs, the quickest way for us to help is to get in touch, you can pick our brains, draw on our expertise and we’ll work with you every step of the way, tell us what you need and we will call you as soon as we can. 

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